Je gaat het pas zien als je het doorhebt 2016

combi vlag‘Heerlen Murals’ colors the city of Heerlen (NL)
Heerlen Murals is organising a wide range of interventions and activities from August till December 2016 in and around the center of Heerlen, Netherlands.

This year’s theme is called “Je gaat het pas zien als je het doorhebt” / “There’s more than meets the eye” and it deals with the diversity and ‘the do it yourself mentallity’ of the artform. The artists where challenged to produce work that have either a worldy or local context.

HRLN Murals 2016 highlights
During the event there will be murals created by world-renowned artists who make their Dutch debut in Heerlen.

The Foundation is proud to announce that AEC ftom Ukraine, Aryz from Spain and Nunca from Brazil will have painted for the first time in the Netherlands.

This edition offered more highlights. Isaac Cordal has left a trail of Cement Eclipses characters in the center of Heerlen, wich is unique in the Netherlands. In addition, an International art panel was held. The event also hosted the European premiere of the documentary “Wall Writers”.

HRLN Murals 2016 presents an eclectic selection of (inter) national artists from the Netherlands, Spain, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Brazil and Ukraine. The art on display will include murals, works on canvas, installations, illustrations and photography.

The participating artists of 2016 are:
Outdoor participants:
AEC Interesni Kazki (UKR)
Aryz (SP)
Ben Eine (GB)
Bier & Brood (NL)
Dzia (BE)
Isaac Cordal (SP)
Nunca (BR)
Serge Verheugen (NL)
Zedz (NL)

author-aec-interesni-kazki-title-petrified-science-or-archeological-recursion-location-valladolid-mexico-2016-year aryz-collapse-3-heerlen-netherlands zw_dsc_0269_b zedz_1
dzia__henrik_haven isaac-cordal-1__henrik_haven    
nunca-selfreflection-heerlen-netherlands serge-verheugen6 ben-eine-devastating-3-heerlen-netherlands  

Indoor participants:
“Berlin Calling” exhibition
Base 23, Bruce & Mina, Chrisse Kunst, Felix Gephart, LowBros, Matthias Gephart, Stohead, Untune, Poet73
This exhibition was organized in collaboration with Urban Spree in Berlin

“infatuated” photo exhibition:
Daantje Jacobs(NL), Dieter Weinkauf(DE), Henrik Haven(DK), Nicole Blommers(NL), Regina Weinkauf(DE)
This exposition tells the story of five afficionado’s. It asks: “what integrates and motivates these treasure hunters to find these works of art regardless of the circumstances?”

“In Dialoog” exhibition:
Burpk(NL), Mike Moonen(NL), Viswerk(NL)
This show studies the dialogue between the work of three artist inconjunction with the viewer whereby selfexpression is the focal point.

The activities are curated by Raenys Martis.



Street Art / Urban Art
Street Art nowadays has a global recognition and is a modern and contemporary art form. Street Art is seen as a multicultural, open-minded, tolerant and multi-disciplinary art form. The publicworks and public activities makes this art form accessible to a wide audience.

Heerlen Murals Organisation
Heerlen Murals is a project of “Street Art Foundation” the foundation’s objective is to gain positive attention for Heerlen, in addition to challenge artist and offer inspiration through interventions in the public space art and informing the public by hosting events.

“This refreshing art movement thrives in public. A city as an public exhibition space, so that everyone from young to old can enjoy great art for free and be inspired by the painted murals.



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